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The Neighborhood
Plateau Mont Royal and Mile End


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Le Plateau


At  crossroads of the famous district "Le Plateau" , affectionate diminutive used by Montrealers, district adjacent to downtown Montreal, it extends from the edge of the emblematic mountain Mont Royal.


A dynamic district distinguished by its bustling commercial avenues, charming residential streets, colorful houses and spiral staircases.

It is home to the most beautiful and fun parks in the city such as the emblematic Lafontaine Park just a stone's throw from the apartments, Laurier Park, Mount Royal to name a few.


One of the trendiest neighborhoods in Montreal, it emanates from cafes, bars, bookstores, restaurants and boutiques, residents and merchants passionate about their work and lots of charm awaits you.



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Discover the colorful murals

A true open-air museum, Montreal and mainly the Plateau, has become a hub for street art in North America.


It even rivals international capitals known for their magnificent graffiti and exterior murals.


Come and admire some of the most vibrant and creative Montreal murals.


Suggestion for a guided tour of the murals and the city.

Spade &Palacio tours


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       Explore our parcs 

Hello meetings on the grass, romantic picnics, walks under the snowflakes and steaming BBQs! Highly frequented by Montrealers, the many parks of the Plateau Mont-Royal lend themselves to all occasions, in all seasons!

Some of our favorite Plateau Mont-Royal parks not far from the apartments:

Lafontaine Park

Laurier Park

Jeanne Mance Park

The iconic Montage Le Mont Royal.


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Plan an outing

No one is surprised that Montrealers like to eat well and have a drink at night. The bars and restaurants of the Plateau Mont-Royal are quite plentiful, and quite attractive, too. While most tourists will mistakenly choose to stay downtown or Old Montreal for a nightcap, there are some real gems to be found further north where locals go to congregate.


I recommend that you go for a drink at 5-7 in the bars where you can see the buzz of the residents. Some of our favorite cafes, restaurants, bars in Plateau Mont-Royal:


·      Restaurant L'Avenue

·      Au Pain Perdu

·      L'Oeufrier

·      Madame Boulduc

Coffee  and pastry 

·      Ô  Petit Paris (1592 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal

·      Copain d'abord

·      Robin Hood

·      Crémy

·      Café Rico

·      Tommy coffee


·      Chez Victoire 

·      India Rosa

·      Au Pied du Cochon

·      L' express

·      Pizzedelic


·      Rouge Gorge

·      Le terminal

·      Hachoir

·      Poject Pilote

·      BarBily kum

·     ​

What to eat at yours  first visit to Montreal  

 The famous  Schwartz's Smoked Meat 3895 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal.

  The essential poutine at La Banquise

Tasty bagels at St-Viateur or at Fairmont

  Succulent smoked salmon from Salmon-Salmon

The best roast chicken at Ma Poule Mouillée


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By bike, by public transport or on foot

From the Plateau-Mont-Royal, you can travel to the city center and surrounding neighborhoods by numerous bike paths, via the orange line of the Sherbrooke metro or the green line of the Papineau metro,  by bus 45 Papineau or  the 24 Sherbrooke the two bus stops a few steps from our apartments.

The LoftsJC apartments are located:

  • 15 minutes walk from Sherbrooke metro station or Papineau metro station.

  •   2 minutes walk from the 45 Papineau bus stop which takes you to the Papineau metro station (green line).

  •   4 minutes walk from the 24 Sherbrooke bus stop which takes you to the Sherbrooke metro (orange line).

   Throughout the summer season, take advantage of several BIXI stations, you will find a few stands around the apartments.

  Everything is accessible, and the pedestrian has priority!

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